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headers, h pipe stock tail pipe for fox

89notch 22.03.2011, 00:03
shorty headers 50 bucks
off road h-pipe 50 bucks
stock notch back tail pipes 50 bucks
jimmyh95 28.03.2011, 00:52
are the headers stock
sandbagn 28.03.2011, 01:14
what shape tailpipes in??
89notch 28.03.2011, 22:30
headers are not stock but dont know what brand. tailpipes are in good shape. call or text 9******9 i dont get on here much
89notch 20.04.2011, 00:48
bump 100 bucks for all 3.
also have tweed front seats from a vert will take 30 bucks for them
green5.0mustang 20.04.2011, 00:51
what color tweed?
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