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s/c4095 06.02.2011, 02:15
Which rotors and caliper are needed to run 15" wheels? currently have 2001 bullit rotors and caipers.
79289chase 06.02.2011, 02:44
Usually GT brakes are used to run 15" wheels. The fronts I think can still use a 15 with it spaced out and what not but the rear won't clear a 15" wheel at all I don't think with the bigger brakes.
Rex Schuler 06.02.2011, 04:58
centerline autodrags will clear the bullitt/cobra/mach1 rear calipers without grinding for clearances
i've got 15x8.5s for my DR
i used a 1 1/4" spacer for the front skinnies
s/c4095 06.02.2011, 20:35
Spindles the same?
Rex Schuler 06.02.2011, 20:59
i didn't change anything on front, just added the spacers between the rotor and wheel
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