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GMC Envoy fog light mod

SVTaddict 27.12.2015, 12:29
I got this thread from Cookieman00x from

How to do the Envoy Fog Light Mod on you SN-95 Cobra w/ stock brackets
By: Cookieman00x of

This write up will show you how to install the fog lights from a GMC Envoy into your sn-95 mustang, using the stock fog light brackets.

The cool part about these lights is that they completely fill the circular holes in the bumper and use the exact same bulbs as the cobra fog lights.

I did this mod because my Blue Oval Industries fog lights melted with the stock bulb and both lenses fell off.

1) Begin by getting yourself a set of fog lights from a 2002 to 2007 GMC Envoy. Its important that they come with the mounting bracket and your not just getting the light itself. I picked mine up off eBay..

They will look like this. (Note bracket on the rear of light).



2) Now its time to take out the stock fog light brackets. (I forgot to take pics of this part, if anyone has them PM me please)

Jack up the car and put it on jack stands. This will make life easier because you will actually be able to see what youíre working on. I was able to do it with just one side of the car up.

Unclip the wire on each fog light, from under the car.

Next there are two 10mm bolts that hold the fog light bracket to the bumper support. Remove them and the bracket and light will come out as one piece.

Once the brackets are out of the car, remove the fog light by loosening the adjustment screw at the bottom of the light and using a flat head screwdriver to pry the housing out.

Now, here comes the only hard part here. (This part is optional but it will make it easier to replace/ plug in your fog light without removing the bracket from the car. I tried not cutting the bracket and I couldnít get the wire back into the fog light bulb with the bracket mounted. If you plug it in before you mount the bracket it would work fine. I just donít want to take off the bracket to change bulbs.)

3) So, youíre going to want to cut the bottom of the bracket off right at the bottom of the circle.




4) Next you want to grind the sharp edges down so you donít slit your wrists if you try and change your fog light bulbs. (That would be embarrassing, and I would tell you I told you so.)

Now repeat steps 3 and 4 to the other fog light bracket.


5) After they are smooth, I wiped them down with a little gas (to clean them) and sprayed them with some black rustoleum spray paint and a little clear coat. I put on two coats of black and 2 coats of clear.


7) Your going to need 4 screws and 4 speed clips. This is how you are going to attach the Envoy brackets to the Cobra brackets. They look like this...


8) Take the Envoy light and remove the pin and the pin holder from each side.


9) Take a speed clips and put it on the inside bracket. ( The one that is a part of the light not the bracket)


Repeat for the other side


10) Now do steps 8 and 9 to the other light

11) Take the brackets that are now dry and using the holes already in the bracket, put the screw through the factor bracket into the speed clips you just mounted. (Like this)


12) Tighten each side a little bit at a time. This helps to make sure the bracket bends the same amount on each side. (That will help keeping the light center)


13) You want to make sure that the Bracket of the envoy light is level with the cobra bracket. The Envoy fog light has an adjustment screw on it. That will help up and down movement of the light once they are installed. The beauty of this, is that once the light is in the car, you can still adjust it using the exact same hole in the bumper that you used with the stock lights. Now thatís fancyÖ


14) Next install the bulb in the lens and reinstall the bracket into the car. Be careful about plugging in the wires if you didnít grind them down. After both sides are on the car, turn them on and turn the adjusting screw till the are adjusted correctly. Refer to picture under the last section to see the adjustment screw. I believe I used an 8mm to turn the screw. Also make sure you are very careful turning them so you donít crack them.

Thatís all folks; I know that you are thinking, that sounds easier than I thought it would be. Well your right, I only spent two hours from start to finish. Broke two hacksaw blades, drank two beers, got high from paint fumes but have new fog lights.

Questions and comments welcomeÖ

SVTaddict 27.12.2015, 12:34
Here is mine witht the GMC envoy fogs

Jester84 27.12.2015, 14:37
Looks good, what is the cost savings vs. using the FOrd parts?
SVTaddict 28.12.2015, 08:42
A pair of brand new OEM GMC Envoy fogs are about $60 after shipping, 94-98 Cobra fog lights range from about $80-$130 (I guess just depending on quality, read the paragragh right before step 1). Plus side to this mod is the fog light housing fills in the entire fot light cut out in the bumper. looks better than the set-back look IMO.
Jester84 28.12.2015, 08:46
Oh cool..sounds like a smart mod!
SVTaddict 28.12.2015, 08:51
Oh cool..sounds like a smart mod!

I like it better, and it was really easy to do.
5.0man 28.12.2015, 08:55
Plus side to this mod is the fog light housing fills in the entire fot light cut out in the bumper. looks better than the set-back look IMO.

thats the one part I hated when I gad my 96. It was like an ugly birth mark that wouldn't go away no matter what. looks good man.
SVTaddict 28.12.2015, 09:06
thats the one part I hated when I gad my 96. It was like an ugly birth mark that wouldn't go away no matter what. looks good man.

Yeah i felt the same way, thanks man!
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