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advice on a suspension set up

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hotrod101786 19.01.2011, 15:44
tax money's comin woot needing advice on what to do with my suspension. suspension/chassis is stock aside from sub-frame connectors. right now i have 17x8 bullitts. im either wanting to throw some 17x10.5 bullitts on the rear and cut the coils or keep current wheels and get rear control arms and coilovers up front. im not plannin on taking the car to the track or anything. just wanting to be able to take corners a bit faster without breakin loose and cut back on body roll when im changin lanes on the highway. cant use all my tax money or i'd be doing it all. i figure the 10.5's will help a bit with traction and cutting my coils will give a lower center of gravity for better handling but i just dont know how much it will help, but it will def make the car look better. im lookin to spend about $600. the wheels and tires are $560 shipped and cuttin coils is of course free, or i could spend the $600 on nothing but suspension. or any other suggestions? and no i will not give you the money...
javi 19.01.2011, 15:55
Id do coilovers up front and springs out back.
i paid a lil more than $500 out the door.

IMHO, its a waste of money if you get coilovers and cut the rear springs, totally defeats the purpose of the coilovers.

I highly suggest you to call MM.
jrhaden 19.01.2011, 16:26
Steeda Springs
.... $160

.... $40

.... $make offer(prob get cheap, $100 or so)

Rear swaybar
.... $75 + shipping

Front swaybar
.... $100+ shipping

That'll be around $500 and you'd have a completely new car. Pick up some CC plates and some struts and shocks and you'd be golden.
hotrod101786 19.01.2011, 17:00
oh i wasnt gonna cut the rear springs if i did coilovers, i was gonna get U/L control arms and springs in the back and coilovers up front. i was only gonna cut springs if i got the 10.5 bullitt wheels, i would just cut like half a coil or a coil off all 4 springs and get the 10.5's. but it looks like passing on the wheels and actually getting good suspension products is the way to go?
hotrod101786 19.01.2011, 17:13
and i didnt even think about sway bars, could i just get some poly bushings for my stock ones?
hotrod101786 19.01.2011, 18:56
i called n talked to a guy at MM and he was very by the book. he told me that i should replace all the bushings in the suspension before i do anything to the car. then he said to get the rear control arms. i was tellin him i wanted to lower the car and he said if i put lowering springs on it i would have to get performance shocks and struts n CC plates. i got kyb's on right now and they seem to be good. i heard they're crap tho and they leak soon after installing lowering springs. trying to find some decently priced shocks and struts that will work with lowering springs. i bought some cheap boxed control arms from LRS for an 88 LX i had, they seemed to work pretty good. i know tubular is the way to go but i could save quite a bit on the LRS brand and have more money for good shocks/struts. and i forgot but im selling my nitrous set up to a guy i work with for $350, so i should actually have about $900 to spend.
mustangracer84 19.01.2011, 19:53
tokico blue shocks and struts are nice. It's Kyb GR2 shocks and struts that sometimes leak on a lowered vehicle (usually after bottoming out)... the Kyb Gas-a-just don't have that issue. Eibach pro-kit is really hard to beat for springs... especially on a DD.
hotrod101786 19.01.2011, 20:42
ok so far i got
LRS tubular U/L rear control arms-149.99
tokico hp strut/shock kit-279.99
eibach prol lowering spring kit-219.99
cc plates-189.99
poly offset steering rack bushings-10.99
poly strut mount bushings-14.99
poly front control arm busings-44.99
poly front sway bar links/bushings-19.99
=930.92 plus 14.99 flat rate shipping from LRS
does that sound like a good set up?
mustangracer84 19.01.2011, 20:58
personally I'm not sold on running poly everywhere. Yeah poly lasts forever, but it also doesn't have the give and flex of rubber, making all be it a better handling car, a stiffer ride. Figuring most of our foxes are at least 10 to 20+ years old, and we're still running around on stock rubber, I think some replacement rubber suspension pieces would be better. If we lived in california, and had thier glass-smooth highways, I'd say go for it, but with oklahoma's ate up roads, I don't recommend it.

poly sway bar bushings and end links are a good idea, as long as the bushings can be lubed...
jrhaden 19.01.2011, 21:01
anyoneDont mind me, Im a nobody
Relentless 19.01.2011, 21:32
anyoneDont mind me, Im a nobody

duly noted
orangeRcode 19.01.2011, 21:43
anyoneDont mind me, Im a nobody

Did you say something?
hotrod101786 19.01.2011, 21:44
? my list is pretty much everything you told me to get. and ill pass on the poly bushings then
jrhaden 19.01.2011, 21:50
? my list is pretty much everything you told me to get. and ill pass on the poly bushings then
Why spend 900 when you can spend 500 and get more performance.
68mustang 19.01.2011, 21:52
anyoneDont mind me, Im a nobody

shutup and get back in the kitchen woman! whipping

Wanna give me some suspension advice? Mods are 40 year old leaf springs and lowering springs in the front :)
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