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advice on a suspension set up

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jrhaden 19.01.2011, 21:59
shutup and get back in the kitchen woman! whipping

Wanna give me some suspension advice? Mods are 40 year old leaf springs and lowering springs in the front :)

mustangracer84 19.01.2011, 22:02
? my list is pretty much everything you told me to get. and ill pass on the poly bushings then

BTW, you can get a much better price on the eibach pro-kit springs. There's even someone on this board selling a NIB set for $175, same with the cc plates. Check ebay for the plates, I've seen them as cheap as $125. Most of those cc kits are aluminum/billet of some sort, but the steel ones (which are generally cheaper) do the same job for less. Don't get me wrong, LRS is a good vendor, however alot of that stuff you can find for less if you shop around.
mustangracer84 19.01.2011, 22:05
here's the link to the "for sale" ad on those springs:

hotrod101786 19.01.2011, 22:29
well u gave the list and said it would b about 500, then you said to get shocks/struts and cc plates on top of that n thats almost an extra 300 right? but i see what yall mean. ive jus ben burnt on used parts b4 so i figured since i had the cash then id jus buy new. but ill take yalls advice n pass on the new stuff. i wont b getn the cash till next month so im sure those parts with the links u posted will b gone. but i get the idea, thanks guys.
jrhaden 19.01.2011, 23:09
You let me know when you got the money and I will find you the parts. 90% of the stuff on my car was used when I got it and dis bitch is goin 9's this year.
mustangracer84 19.01.2011, 23:20
Shocks and struts, I'd definately buy new, springs and CC plates, as long as they haven't had coils cut and are in good shape, are just fine used. On ebay you can get the cc plates new for around 125. Steeda makes good springs, and suspension stuff, just make sure it's the progressive rate springs, or else your ride won't be as smooth and comfortable.

Basically, cc plates and springs go together because when you lower the car, it effects the camber and caster, those plates allow for those angles to be adjusted so that you don't have odd tire wear, and changes in steering geometry. In your case depending on which Kyb struts you have, shocks and struts might necessitate a replacement. As I personally have driven and ridden in cars with the eibach pro-kit, and tokico blue shocks and struts, they make a great combo, and are pretty affordable for foxes. The tubular rears are a good idea as the stocker rear control arms are prone to flexing and cause poor traction. Front tubulars control arms are nice as well, but frankly is one of those things, if you have the funds go for it, if you don't you won't be missing much... they just don't radically change handling and traction like springs/shocks/struts do.
hotrod101786 20.01.2011, 01:01
sweet, thanks for the help guys
hotrod101786 21.01.2011, 13:55
welp i just realized that i have alot of things i need to fix on my car before i dump money into my suspension. so im probly just gonna get some lowering springs for now and spend the rest on all the other stuff i need. my tob is squealing, car shutters when breaking(rotors), passenger caliper is leaking, need a driver tail light, cd player just crapped out, and my parking brake cables were cut when previous owner installed rear disk brakes so i need to buy them too. sucks when ya gotta spend money on boring stuff lol. thanks for all the help tho guys, i will def be needing help finding some springs when i get my money tho.
mustangracer84 21.01.2011, 22:22
the rotors can usually be cut, the local machine shop here charges $7 bucks a rotor, hit me up, I got a set of LX taillights complete with housing you can have, Throw out bearings are not very expensive, the last one I bought was a Ford part, cost me $15 bucks, can't help ya on the cd player... parking brake cable issue is gonna be more involved as stock cables for the car will not work. Which disk brake system is installed on the rear? Most of the fox disk brake conversions involving the turbocoupe style or even svo/lincoln mark VII brakes usually use the rear brake cables from an SVO mustang... The cheapest I've seen them go for was about $40 a piece new.
Relentless 21.01.2011, 22:40
I have some ford racing cables, all three of them actually
mustangracer84 21.01.2011, 22:48
really... What's the "third" cable? All the conversions I've read, you just need the lft and rt side cables?
hotrod101786 21.01.2011, 23:08
well theres the one that connects the lever to the 2 cables right? i believe he said they were off an sn95. i am definately interested in the tail lights. thank you
5.0man 21.01.2011, 23:25
well theres the one that connects the lever to the 2 cables right? i believe he said they were off an sn95. i am definately interested in the tail lights. thank you

if its sn95 rear calipers. you use your stock 79-92 cables.
Relentless 21.01.2011, 23:27
really... What's the "third" cable? All the conversions I've read, you just need the lft and rt side cables?

the short one that attaches to the splitter
mustangracer84 21.01.2011, 23:34
the short one that attaches to the splitter

the one that comes off the parking brake handle?
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