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68mustang, January 2011 Feature Car

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jrhaden 01.01.2011, 23:43
Member Name: 68mustang

Real Name: Austin Meyer

Description of your car: 1968 mustang 289 2v c4 auto coupe ps, pb,a/c. Originally Meadowlark Yellow.

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Occupation/School: Oklahoma State University/Mechanical Engineering Tech

What is your main use for the car now: Money pit, Toy

What would you LIKE to use the car for in the future: Daily Driver. Something I can get into and go.

How did you get into cars: I always liked cars but I didn't really get into them until my junior year of High school when a buddy of mine had a 65 Chevy Nova.

Who or What motivates you to keep improving your car: The compliments I get in it even though people don't know how much of a basket case it is :)

Add a short story about anything to do with your participation in the hobby or your car here: This car has been my ups and down. I've wanted to drive it off the cliff more than once, but I think we've all been there. But I love tinkering and building stuff. It's an addiction really.

Mods: Currently being installed is a 310 with world jrs, tfs1 cam, and high rise dual plane intake. It has a t5 and 3.55s. New front suspension, brakes, and once I get the engine lined out, I'll be installing the ac back into it.

ET times, Dyno Numbers, Awards, Recognition, Race class: Best in class for 64-73 and Best in show at Bob Howard auto show this year.

Purchase: I bought this car around January of 2009. I have always had a love for mustangs and the reason behind getting an older one is you always get looks and it's something different than what everyone else drives. Plus I knew the car wouldn't depreciate in value.

Future plans with this car or with another one: I just plan to make this a nice driver. These cars were meant to be driven and I want to restore it's status as such.

Your thanks: My parents for helping me and being patient with all the work that's gone into it. Deadhorse and all the people that have helped me and the parts I have aquired along the way. You all are awesome.







stephslilpony 02.01.2011, 00:21
congrats Austin!!!
okhatch 02.01.2011, 00:25
Congrats man, i guess the new year brings you a fail and a win all in the same day. lol
jbgrant 02.01.2011, 00:28
Congrats Austin!
68mustang 02.01.2011, 01:13
Lmao thanks Guys! Matt we missed you all at the Haden bash! Hope you all had a great new years.
tuellslx 02.01.2011, 05:32
looks good bro
jrhaden 02.01.2011, 05:42
Tims2002GT 03.01.2011, 00:51
Congrats! Thats a nice ride you have!
oneslowfox 03.01.2011, 02:37
Congrats man! Nice ride, We need to meet up next time your down here in stilly.
68mustang 03.01.2011, 05:26
Heck yea for sure! Thanks a lot guys.
lilgibby 05.01.2011, 03:58
hairgotdid 16.01.2011, 15:34
looks great, austin.
68mustang 19.01.2011, 15:47
Thanks Dale, where you been man? Jordan thanks man!
82 GT 07.02.2011, 03:58
aww shit, snazzy lookin old ride right there. Right on and congrats mang! tup
68mustang 07.02.2011, 17:31
Lol thanks mang.
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