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4 cyl. springs on 5.0 fox?

oneslowfox 01.01.2011, 21:52
Anyone used them on their 5.0 fox? I have seen them installed on a few V8 fox bodies. And they lower it just to the point of my preference. I'm not a huge fan of cutting stock springs or heating stock springs. What are the pro's and con's of using 4 banger springs? Thanks.
hyghspeedpony302 01.01.2011, 22:43
i have used them for yrs and have never had any issues with them....
oneslowfox 01.01.2011, 23:07
i have used them for yrs and have never had any issues with them....

Would you happen to have any pics of your cars with them installed?
Approx. how much do they lower the car? Front, back?
hyghspeedpony302 02.01.2011, 00:08
i dont have any pics on this computer....
2000_svtowner 02.01.2011, 00:10
I have a 4 cylinder spring on one side and v8 spring on the other.....hooks good at the track
1slow50 02.01.2011, 00:15
i run them on my fox and haven't had a single problem in 4 years.
1slow50 02.01.2011, 00:21
here is a pic of mine wiht 4cyl springs in the front and bbk (i think) springs in the back.

oneslowfox 02.01.2011, 01:07
What about running them all the way around? Will running 4 cyl springs out back lower it any?
1slow50 02.01.2011, 10:43
yes, it will lower it down some, it would be just a bit higher than mine is in the back.
okhatch 02.01.2011, 13:35
Mine had them all the way around in the these pic's ....
Smalls87 01.02.2011, 01:12
I will have my front 4cyl springs for sale as soon as I get my new ones in next week. Make me an offer.
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