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Ho ho ho

10seclx 15.12.2010, 22:06
OK everyone here is the deal of a lifetime!!!!!! If you know anyone that has not had their roof replaced and think they might want help with replacing it. Any referal that we install the roof you will earn a $500.00 referal bonus. This is perfect timing with Chirstmas coming up. If you need extra dollars to pay off Christmas credit card purchases or just want a good night out at NIGHT TRIPS :) Send me a pm. As always we will inspect the roof for FREE before they file a claim. Most homeowners get away with little or no out of pocket expense.
asohagan 24.06.2011, 03:08
my family builds houses, does this mean i get 500 for every roof they use you for? or is this for tear off and replacement only?
mustangracer84 24.06.2011, 03:29
what areas do you service? I need a roof
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