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I need wheel opinions

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SVTaddict 07.12.2010, 04:40
On a DSG sn95 cobra; what would look better to you? Stealth black FR500's? Or chrome saleens? Torn between the two!!!! Two totally different looks but I love them both!
oneslowfox 07.12.2010, 05:27
Chrome saleen wheels IMO.
Cups00GT 07.12.2010, 07:20
If you do 10.5 in back then I would go fr500
donsbad89 07.12.2010, 14:45
What are you selling.
SVTaddict 07.12.2010, 17:13
What are you selling.
I am selling a 2001 Lightning.. is that what you wanted to know? lol

still torn between the two, but leaning more towards saleens. 18*9 front, 18*10 rear with 3******5R's
Smalls87 07.12.2010, 22:03
Saleens definitely look better IMO.
jrhaden 07.12.2010, 22:10
.... g

SVTaddict 08.12.2010, 00:25
that looks good but think im sold on the saleens! thanks for the picture too
skippy 08.12.2010, 01:35
That pic does not justice the fr500 to me looks like a Honda style front bumper
low03tb 08.12.2010, 04:57
...why is this in here?
97svtCobra 08.12.2010, 15:58
haha...go black man..go black
97black4V 08.12.2010, 16:04
I say black chrome deep dish fr500s or 03-04 cobra
emericaskater782 08.12.2010, 19:32
I say black chrome deep dish fr500s or 03-04 cobra
i replied with that same response when he text and asked me! ha
SVTaddict 08.12.2010, 20:21
if i go FR500's theyll be the stealth black (flat black) ones from cruizinconcepts
donsbad89 08.12.2010, 21:52
Why is this thread in the for sale section was my point. I would think it would evoke more of a reponse if it were to be listed under the corrected topic heading. Just my $.02
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Need Your Opinions!
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