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Subframe connectors on a 68

68mustang 07.12.2010, 00:33
Anyone have any on an older mustang? I like the Tinman fab sfcs.
67mustang 08.12.2010, 02:06
I have Global West on mine
crakkedoutranger 08.12.2010, 02:56
I am gonna be building a tubular set on my 66. I have built 3 so far on 60's stangs that I have owned and like the x-brace style the best. Its nice because i built a driveshaft loop in it. I will try and dig up some pictures.
69fastback 08.12.2010, 03:00
I have Childress customs on mine. They fit well.
1qkwagon 08.12.2010, 19:44
If you have a welder or can borrow one make your own, They are easy to do and will cost not much more than $25.00.....I've made plenty in my can do it also.
533stroker 02.02.2011, 16:18
Bring your stang to Fort Smith and leave it for a few days and I'll put you a set on there for free.
jrhaden 02.02.2011, 16:42
I have Childress customs on mine. They fit well.beerchug
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