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driveline vibration with new rear control arms?

allFOXEDup 19.10.2010, 13:13
replaced stockers with a set of summit tubular upper and lowers, now it has bad vibration at high speed (anything over 50mph) anyone else had this prob? do i need to find some adjustable uppers and put the pinion angle back to stock???thumbsdown
lxhatch302 19.10.2010, 14:48
Bet bolts are loose.
allFOXEDup 19.10.2010, 15:00
i will check em tonite.
lxhatch302 19.10.2010, 19:48
make sure the suspension is under load when you tighten the bolts...
allFOXEDup 20.10.2010, 15:14
bolts were tight, took my aluminum driveshaft out, re-installed old steel one, and all is good.
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