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pulsating brake pedal

100GT03 20.08.2015, 10:14
i have a 2003 GT and when i apply the brakes and am coming to a stop the brake pedal starts pulsating at me i changed the front brakes and got the rotors turned and looked for the abs fuse and where it said it was on the box it wasnt so im unsure if i have abs....has anyone had this problem or maybe know what would be going on?? thanks for any help

87_5.0gt 20.08.2015, 10:34
Have all 4 rotors turned?
1qkwagon 20.08.2015, 11:46
have all 4 rotors turned? x2 or drive it and apply the E-brake and see if it still happens, it may just be the rear if you had the fronts done. .02
OkieJoe 22.08.2015, 13:47
X3 its usually because the rear drums/rotors need turned
thedeliveryboy 22.10.2015, 16:55
If the parking brake doesn't make them pulse. Check ur abs wheel speed sensors on the hubs. May have hit sometin or have some brake material on them! Just get some brake clean and spray them and clean them up.
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