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88supergt, September 2010 Feature Car

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jrhaden 01.09.2010, 02:49
Member Name: 88supergt

Real Name (first name only is fine): Chase Shadid

Description of your car: 1993 LX Coupe (KKK)

Location: Edmond

Occupation/School: HVAC

What is your main use for the car now: Racing and taking all my money.

What would you LIKE to use the car for in the future: Racing and taking all my money.

How did you get into cars: My father raced our 69 mustang when i was younger.

Who or What motivates you to keep improving your car: I wanna fly like a bird.

Add a short story about anything to do with your participation in the hobby or your car here:

Mods: i.e. a list of aftermarket engine / suspension / interior / exterior / wheels / tires parts that you or the previous owner added: 408, AFR heads, Vic Jr., 850 holley, Hyd. roller cam, C4, coil overs all around. 10 point cage by CHRIS CHILDRESS

ET times, Dyno Numbers, Awards, Recognition, Race class: 10.80@125

Purchase: Approximate date. Is there a story behind the purchase? Was it your "dream car"? I saw a red one just like it on Meridian cruise when i was 15. It was my dream car.

Future plans with this car or with another one: Anything and everything

Your thanks: Dad, Brother, Justin Taylor, Chris Childress, all my other friends who help out at the track.







baron 01.09.2010, 03:06
congrats chase! car is beautiful
1poorracer 01.09.2010, 03:48
congrats! i've always liked the King Kong Koupe
cjlinam 88 pony 01.09.2010, 03:59
that is bad ass man congrats
pacettr 01.09.2010, 04:44
Congrats to a nasty fox.

WAY better than your brother's car :D
69fastback 01.09.2010, 12:08
Love the car. Way to fill out the whole fore laugh
cobra13 01.09.2010, 12:40
That'a a pretty nice car......congrats Chase!!!! KKK Forever!
69fastback 01.09.2010, 12:41
Love the car. Way to fill out the whole form laugh

fixt....iphowned again :(
okhatch 01.09.2010, 19:49
Congrats Chase!!!
King Dingaling 01.09.2010, 21:01
Congrats brotha!
91805stang 01.09.2010, 21:07
seen this car run in tulsa a few weeks ago. pretty sick car man!
trevnut 02.09.2010, 07:31
congrats chase!! looking good!!
logan_tefteller 02.09.2010, 12:50
sweetness congrats man
snacksnack 02.09.2010, 14:36
Beautiful car!
stew 03.09.2010, 22:01
drooling Let me write you a check for that sir!!!
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