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manual brakes not holding pressure "HELP"

littlebluessp 06.07.2010, 22:58
I have a manual brake set-up in weak sauce. it consist of a 95 cobra MC and Upr plate, the lines are from MM and a willwood rear PV. I blead the lines last night and had a strong brake pedel, waited a few hours and checked the entire system for leaks(non) checked for leaks this morning and when I got off of work(still non) However the brakes are alot softer then lastnight. Also I hear a hissing sound inside the car now when I pump the brakes to build pressure. What could the problem be?

donsbad89 07.07.2010, 15:26
Bad MC
littlebluessp 08.07.2010, 01:21
well its a new unit, but it could be a lemon. I did bemch blead the mc before install
donsbad89 13.07.2010, 12:56
Check the MC cap for any damage also.
littlebluessp 18.07.2010, 14:28
thank you, Sorry for the late response I have been on a 2k mile trip for the last week. ill check it tonight.
thedeliveryboy 18.11.2010, 07:35
Does the pedal sink to the floor when pressure is applied. If so I'd have to say an internal leak. On the mc
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