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Free cabinets

Racer X 02.05.2010, 20:01
These are out in my shop and I don't want them. They would make good shop cabinets to store crap in and work on stuff. I am taking the vice off the bigger set. They are worth every penny.


vandy9303 03.05.2010, 04:29
Sold let me know when u want them gone sir
imajeenyas 03.05.2010, 04:38
vandy= buyer of free
I mean that in the most sincere way, not that vandy is cheap or the cabinets are shit
vandy9303 03.05.2010, 04:50
I gotta have a place to put all the shit I got from u in the last couple weeks tup
imajeenyas 03.05.2010, 04:52
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