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Wiring Window Switch?

crakkedoutranger 18.04.2010, 23:18
Anyone have a diagram for wiring an NX window switch to coil on plug ignition?
okhatch 18.04.2010, 23:31
you need a tach adapter....
crakkedoutranger 18.04.2010, 23:49
is your shop unlocked? or i guess i should first ask if you have one? lol
okhatch 19.04.2010, 23:57
Nope i dont have one on my car only has 1 coil so i dont need one. lol
crakkedoutranger 20.04.2010, 00:45
I found out how. I have the one thats programmed for the single coil per cylinder. So i just have to tap a coil wire. I believe Rawbster already told me this but I was in a state of happiness just seeing him again I guess. lol
orangeRcode 20.04.2010, 09:23
you need a tach adapter....

Not necessarily. I hooked mine up to the tach pickup pin. Don't remember the number since we installed the system 3+ years ago. Look in your diagram and find it Drew.
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