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Built 8.8" Moser 31spline C-Clip elims Eaton Pro Posi 3.55s 1/2" x 3" whole/part out

ruger311 03.03.2010, 14:49
I have a stock 8.8" out of my 89 GT that has been built with Moser 31 spline axles C Clip Elims, Eaton Pro Posi, 3.55gears, has 1/2"x3" studs pressed in, has groundpounder rear cover

has approx 1500miles on it

id be willing to sell this as a whole or part it out, make me some respectible offers everyone knows what this stuff costs new
redmax51 03.03.2010, 14:57
Four lug or five lug?? Steve
ruger311 03.03.2010, 15:01
shit forgot

5 on 4.5"
jrhaden 03.03.2010, 15:54
Erron needs to jump on this.
ruger311 03.03.2010, 15:55
no shit someone needs to!

ill post up prices on parting it out as well as whole here in a bit
ruger311 03.03.2010, 18:24
Eaton Pro Posi 31 spline reg $491 selling for $375
Moser 31 spline axles with C Clip elims and 1/2" x 3" studs $300
Richmond 3.55 gears $150
Groundpounder Cover $75

Entire rear as a whole $1100
ruger311 04.03.2010, 02:43
axles, c clips, studs, posi sales pending with deposits
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