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auto tranny

Britt_98_GT 24.01.2015, 06:46
Im looking to get my auto tranny rebuilt its for my 98 gt 4.6.. anybody know any good tranny shops that will guarantee the work for like a year or so many miles? I have a quote for 1,000 just looking to see what other options i have ..

Britt_98_GT 24.01.2015, 06:48
oh and Tulsa area
lxhatch302 25.01.2015, 16:33
Is that 1k to pull it ,rebuild, and install???

You can call my brother inlaw. John ritchey at ritchey auto in sapulpa. He has built plenty of aodes and does great work 6******3
Britt_98_GT 27.01.2015, 06:10
Thanks i'll give him a call... I think that was a quote for all of it . I'll have to check
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