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Dash brake light is not coming on when e-brake pulled...

xtreme2 05.02.2010, 23:15
Hey guys. Been a while since I've been on, but been really busy. So I got in my car to go to work this morning, and wasn't even thinking and drove about 2 miles before I realized that my eBrake was on. For some reason, just couldn't go above 30. When I finally realized it was on, I looked at the dash and realized that my dash light was not on for the eBrake being in use. Drove the rest of the way to work, then tried pulling and realizing the handle to try to get it to come on, but never would. Gave up and went in to work.

After work, I got in to see that once again the light was not on during operation. Drove home and then played with it some more, and after about 10 minutes I got the light to come on a few times, but then it went off again. I thought maybe the bulb had burnt out, but when I turned the car off, the brake light came on during the cycle that it does when you first start the car. This has me boggled, and looking for answers.

Doesn't seem to hurt the operation of the vehicle... until I forget to release the handle at 4am...

Any suggestions of things to try? The only thing I saw through a Google search was that the eBrake handle sensor could be going out. Depending on pricing, I may just live with it unless it's an easy fix...
medrick 28.02.2010, 03:41
i bet it is the sensor as well. mine wont hardly ever go off. even when the handle is down.
jrhaden 28.02.2010, 03:52
Who gives a crap, ebrakes are overrated
thedeliveryboy 18.11.2010, 07:55
Check and make sure the brake switch is plugged in well!
cyclical 20.12.2010, 23:14
That switch is probably around $8.00 from Napa, call them up and ask them. But first check to make sure that the plug hasn't been knocked out or something.
363efi 20.12.2010, 23:52
Who gives a crap, ebrakes are overrated

Vaugh Gittin Jr. says other wise. :)
63T-Bolt 21.12.2010, 02:41
the brake switch is at the back of the ebrake handle. ive seen them come loose and not work correctly. easiset way to save a ton of cuts on your hands is to take the center console out, and adjust the switch back to where it needs to be to operate correctly. Its a simple 1 wire sensor with a white body and a spring loaded contact to it. you cant miss it, think the wire color is blue that goes to it (been a while since ive looked.)

best of all you can test to make sure this corrected the issue before you put the console back in.

all 94-04 cars are like this.
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