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Cabinets finally finished and installed!

ruger311 15.12.2009, 02:49
well here they are need to finish putting door handles on and touch up some paint but should work well!

The beginning


just have a lil red car in the way of forward progress, haha j/k man looks good in my garage!
snacksnack 15.12.2009, 06:42
lo0oks like a nice use of the space!
ag lightning 15.12.2009, 13:14
Holy shit! That looks amazing!
ruger311 15.12.2009, 14:37
thanks guys, really needed to build these about a year ago, ive got a pull through garage i need to access all the time but got too much shit in the way so i drew up some cabinet plans in about 5 mins and 20hrs work later here they are, should hold just about everything if not attic the rest will go than can start work on new project,

i hate paying people to do shit i can do myself and do better and build stronger so i took the time and did them myself, all shelves are adjustable except the middle one for strength, gotta weld up a 3' deep metal table to finish em off

worktop is 37" deep and 37.5" tall 11'6" long!
63T-Bolt 15.12.2009, 15:35
That's one sexy red car!
ruger311 15.12.2009, 15:36
yeah the vert is a badass

that other car is just a pile
stephslilpony 15.12.2009, 18:11
uncltodd 15.12.2009, 18:12
Your cars' house is nicer than my next-door-neighbour's house...
ruger311 15.12.2009, 18:15
haha, thats really not that funny though i guess
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