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Need an antenna

79289chase 30.06.2014, 09:52
In the process of my junk being apart for almost a year I lost the trim ring nut thing that holds my antenna up. I would like to buy a complete antenna setup off of a newer mustang(87-93). These have a removable antenna mast and are not 1 piece from end to end.

I will need the cable, the trim pieces for the fender, bolts to hold it down, and the mast if possible. Let me know what you got and how much you want for it. Thanks

Or if someone has just the little chrome nut that goes around the antenna that holds it up on the 79-86s I would take that too.
baron 30.06.2014, 10:33

got everything from the cable that runs in the antenna to the mast
79289chase 01.07.2014, 06:59
Need something a little closer to Tulsa area. Not in the city area much.
xtreme2 01.07.2014, 07:07
If the one from a 99-04 Mustang will fit, you can have it for free. I'm in Tulsa...
orangeRcode 01.07.2014, 09:08
PaP is your answer. Don't know if they have one in Tulsa though.
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