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ocbaud September '09 Feature Car

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DEEZ-67 02.09.2009, 18:05
HAHAHAHA....I can't wait until next month!

no kidding.... should be a lot of these threads laugh

i'm going to post up the same pics of the red car again..
AaronGT 02.09.2009, 18:42
Cars are scheduled for the next two months...
DEEZ-67 02.09.2009, 19:07
<-- who can take down the powaaa of the 3v 6 month rain!!!

that has to be a record of sometime... so much so they had to lock the thread!
NobleHdwe 02.09.2009, 21:06
Hey Eric the Mustang looks as sharp as the 86 SWB. Congrats on having the Sept feature car.

Mrs.Ezekial 02.09.2009, 21:20
always loved that car!

congrats :D
itltrot 02.09.2009, 21:29
Congrats E. tup
Rex Schuler 02.09.2009, 21:47
congrats eric, car looks good as always
coolhandluke 02.09.2009, 22:20
tup Congrats Eric
94GTStang 03.09.2009, 00:12
car looks good man!
ocbaud 03.09.2009, 01:08
lol No you didn't.


it worked didn't it? haha
mustang1200 03.09.2009, 03:01
uncltodd 08.09.2009, 19:52
Ignore the nose-pickers.

That is one beautiful 'lil Mustang.
Gracie 08.09.2009, 20:07
MrsVandy 13.09.2009, 23:59

Love the new "radio" friend :)
orangeRcode 14.09.2009, 00:05
Haven't I seen that car before? lol

Nice looking pics Eric. tup
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