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How to reset the base idle

snowman 18.02.2014, 23:19
I couldnt find anywhere we have this posted so... If its a repost remove it.

The base idle is nothing more than the idle that the computer has learned at whatever angle your throttle body is set at when at idle. This technically shouldn't change by itself but it's always good to check it because you never know what the dealer or previous owner did to the car before you had it.
Once you change the setting of the base idle you will definately want to go onto step 4 in this series of articles because if you move the base setting of the idle plate you also change the tps voltage at idle.

What is needed?
- Flathead screwdriver
- You'll also need a wrench to remove your battery cable

How to do it
1. Disconnect the battery's negative terminal to reset/clear the computer's memory. Leave it disconnected for 30 minutes. WARNING: Whenever removing your battery cables ALWAYS disconnect the negative battery cable first and reconnect it last. Otherwise you could destroy your computer or cause a battery explosion.
2. Disconnect the plug going to your idle motor which is located on the front of your throttle body.
3. Reconnect your battery's negative terminal.
4. Start the engine, and set the idle to the rpm you want with the stop screw on the bottom of the throttle body.
5. Turn off the engine.
6. Reconnect the plug on the idle motor
7. Make sure all accesories (radio, blower motor, a/c, lights, etc) are off and start the engine.
8. Let engine run for two minutes.
9. Turn engine off and wait two minutes then restart engine and let idle for two minutes with all accesories on.
logan_tefteller 07.09.2014, 03:55
cool i am about to do this
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