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removing cats

Cups00GT 11.02.2009, 17:53
on my 2000 gt do i need the mil eliminators to pull the cats out or a programmer kinda new to the modular stangs someone fill me in thanks
98gt 11.02.2009, 18:06
yes you will need them, ie. get steeda too (no substitue imo). but programmer will help also. must those MIL's are cheaper for the mean time
Cups00GT 11.02.2009, 18:12
ok thanks where is a good place to get them at
BigDsGT 11.02.2009, 19:23
I took mine out and replaced with Mac H-pipe and didn't do anything else. Made a world of difference
Cups00GT 11.02.2009, 20:10
is your check engine light on or did it throw a code on your o2 sensor
BigDsGT 11.02.2009, 20:24
is your check engine light on or did it throw a code on your o2 sensor

No check engine light no code. the h pipe had bungs in it for o2 sensors

I changed it, plugs to NGK TR55's and tires and dropped my times from 14.5 @ 95mph to 13.88 @ 99 mph
100GT03 23.02.2009, 02:23
i put bbk mil elimanators on mine when i cut my cats off and it worked fine i got mine off of for 80 bucks but i saw them on either jegs or summit for 60 so the price has come down since i got mine....
98slowstang 23.02.2009, 02:27
i got bbk mil elim and about every other week it would throw an o2 code so i just got a tuner and turned them off
javi 23.02.2009, 02:47
Mil eliminators?

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