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po-po 5.0, February '09 Feature Car

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AaronGT 04.02.2009, 06:36
Member Name: po-po 5.0

Real Name (first name only is fine): Blake Felice

Description of your car: '99 Cobra

Location: Houston, TX

Occupation/School: Engineering Technologist

What is your main use for the car now: daily driver

What would you LIKE to use the car for in the future: daily driver
with the occasional road course visit

How did you get into cars: When it was time to do my very first oil
change on my very first car, my dad handed me an oil filter wrench and
said "figure it out." I've been wrenching every since.

Who or What motivates you to keep improving your car: Mostly knowledge
motivates me. I want to learn about different engine configurations
(diesel vs gasoline, roots blower vs centri). Also, I like to look at
cars so I like to throw parts at it that make it stand out from all the
others just like it, but without beating you over the head with its

Add a short story about anything to do with your participation in the
hobby or your car here: I got kinda lucky finding this car. I took a job
in Houston in a downtownish office that has zero surface parking. My new
truck wasn't going to be able to fit in the parking garage so I needed
something as a DD. I called up the dealer where I bought my truck asking
if they had a v8 mustang with a stick at a particular price point. Turns
out they didn't, but the sales manager knew someone looking to sell
something I might be interested in. I bought this car, and the previous
owner scored a killer deal on a new stang. Win-win.

Mods: i.e. a list of aftermarket engine / suspension / interior /
exterior / wheels / tires parts that you or the previous owner added:

'03 cobra IRS with urethane bushings and diff brace
Magnaflow catback
maximum motorsports front coilovers with 250lb springs
maximum motorsports caster camber plates
steeda bumpsteer kit
'03 cobra rear bumper
'03 cobra rear springs and bilstein shocks
mgw shifter
bbk CAI

ET times, Dyno Numbers, Awards, Recognition, Race class: NA

Purchase: Approximate date. Is there a story behind the purchase? Was
it your "dream car"?:
Purchased at the end of September '08. In addition to the circumstances
surrounding the sale there is another story. I bought this car less than
24 hours before moving from OKC to Texas. My trailer was already loaded
when I went to pick up this car. I literally paid for the car, drove it
to stangfather's house, left town, and didn't even see the car again for
2 weeks. Talk about the suck! I had a new car that wasn't even in the
same state as me! This is definitely one of my dream cars. I LOVE white
SVTs. Whether its lightnings or cobras....the best color is white. I
also love the sound of a high compression 4 valve modular with an h-pipe
and chambered mufflers. Also, black interior is my favorite color on
mustangs, and in the "new edge" body style was only available in '99 and
'00. In '01 Ford went to a charcoal color thats fairly dark, but not
actually black. So in reality a '99 white cobra is essentially my ideal
new edge car. The only thing I lack to make it perfect is some chambered
mufflers. Well....that and about 300hp. Both will come eventually :)

Future plans with this car or with another one: Future plans include a
viper spec T56 with GM overdrives, a built 9:1 compression shortblock
and twin turbos. For looks I'm going to go with some terminator side
skirts, bullit scoop deletes, and a terminator chin spoiler as well as
10th Anniversary cobra wheels.

Your thanks: Thanks to Josh for selling me the car. Thanks to my
parents for putting up with me being a greaseball all these years, as
well as for leaving my vehicles turn to pieces in their driveway. Thanks
to DH in general for putting up with my ass all these years, and thanks
to Ford for creating SVT to build fun cars that are still inexpensive.
AaronGT 04.02.2009, 06:36
javi 04.02.2009, 09:59
Real nice Po-Po.

Posted via Mobile Device
po-po 5.0 04.02.2009, 13:15
snacksnack 04.02.2009, 13:58

But does need Wheel spacers on the back
DEEZ-67 04.02.2009, 14:37
Great looking car my man.... props. tup
MrsOnebad5.0 04.02.2009, 14:38
itltrot 04.02.2009, 15:54
I sure do love white cars. wub Looks good Blakie!
pacettr 04.02.2009, 16:52
dizzle 04.02.2009, 17:05
Very Nice!
uncltodd 04.02.2009, 17:39
Oh, Po-Po, that ride is NASSTAAAY!!!

My '03 vert was the wimpy little sister that rode the short bus compared to your white football jock!

DAN 05 04.02.2009, 17:41
great location you picked thumbsdown

DEEZ-67 04.02.2009, 18:43
great location you picked thumbsdown


po-po 5.0 04.02.2009, 18:50
great location you picked thumbsdown


I was looking for a location with some graffiti or something, but it was all painted over everywhere I looked. I settled on that cuz it kinda looks "urban" and because it was abandoned so no one was going to harass me taking pics.
YA RLY 04.02.2009, 20:24
Grats mang!
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