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few questions

1slow50 18.09.2013, 09:34
first what is this part called that has all the plastic hoses that hook up your egr shit, and second. where do all these hoses from the piece on the fire wall go, or supposed to go i should say.
1slow50 18.09.2013, 10:51
well ok so after thinkin about it i feel like a dumb ass but i know what everything on the tree is, but what i dont' know is where my brake booster line is supposed to run too, as you can see mine is capped off.
mattstang89 18.09.2013, 10:54
your brake booster should be one of the big lines on the vac. tree
1slow50 18.09.2013, 11:17
ya i def read that wrong when i wrote it sorry i ment the br not the bb i just caught that.
mattstang89 19.09.2013, 01:22
if im thinking write that one is not used in a stock application just keep it blocked off
kevs87stang 20.09.2013, 22:48
yeah, mine is capped off. i used it for the boost gauge though
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