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Stop panel vibration

cheap 20.11.2013, 14:13
If you have a loud system, you've probably got interior panels or a license plate that rattles. It's unsoundly. Ghetto, even. You want to fix it but don't know how - the dynamat you installed didn't help at all!

Here's the fix. The obnoxious rattle or vibrations don't come from individual panel reverberation but from pieces vibrating against each other where panels overlap. The first step is to identify where exactly the offending pieces are located. Turn the bass up and crawl around the car, IDing and removing the worst offenders. Take a bottle of clear RTV (aka silicone sealant, or probably even clear caulk from Home Depot would work) and lay a small bead down where the panels make contact with other pieces. On a rear license plate and many interior panels, you may have to lay a bead down around the entire perimeter. DO NOT reassemble for 24 hours to allow the sealant to cure up. RTV acts as a sealing glue when wet but hardens to a rubberish compound when cured. The normal stuff at Autozone takes anywhere from a few hours to 12 hours to skin up and up to 24 hours to fully cure, depending on how thick it's layed and the temperature/humidity.

After reassembly your pieces will now have a rubber bumper isolating the individual panels from the pieces they were previously vibrating against. You can smooth out the beads with your finger to prevent them from standing too high and creating gaps between your panels... even a small amount of a rubberized barrier will help tons.
foxtrot 25.12.2013, 11:12

Anti Rattle Devices: Foam, carpet, and felt are also popular fixes. Use in conjuction w/ zip ties, fix about anything that annoys you.
68mustang 23.02.2014, 00:55
I heard the new thing was ductape taping down the license plate.. looks waay ghetto. Not even the same lengeth of duct tape! seen it around on a couple of cars aka ricers. Have fun getting that gunk off your paint!
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