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5 spd pedal assembly

rock 04.11.2013, 10:53
do i have to take off the hole ass. or just the clutch pedal
rock 04.11.2013, 11:54
has anybody did a swap on here i got a car i'm pulling it out and putting in my coupe. Any info?
baron 04.11.2013, 11:58
You can do either

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rock 04.11.2013, 12:00
so i can just unbolt from the assembly and the shafy that runs to the qaudrant will come out
trevnut 04.11.2013, 12:09
drop the steering wheel and pull the whole assembly out. really easy that way.
foxman92 04.11.2013, 12:12
no. you have to pull the brake and clutch pedal as one assembly.. there is about 8 or so bolts that hold it in.. 4 to the brake booster, and 3 or 4 to the buttom of the steering column. its a lil of a pain, just take your time and it will make it alot easier trust
rock 04.11.2013, 13:12
thanks anymore all info. is helpfull
rock 06.11.2013, 08:47
got it done today thanks for the help guys
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