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Homemade Subframe Connectors

ok91lx 12.06.2008, 13:07
These are some of the best constructed subframes I have seen to date. Why? Because they are not massed produced by some company trying to make/save a buck when constucting them. One of the individuals that contributed to this article built and installed mine.

If you can weld and cut steel, I recommend building these are they are much better than any of the produced ones...

c1500 13.06.2008, 01:02
Thank you..I have been wanting a nice set and was resorting to just building my own with the stuff i have in my shop. Thanks for the site!!
ok91lx 13.06.2008, 02:40
A couple of better diagrams..

One is rectangle tubing and the other is square.
mowerman82 24.06.2008, 03:49
i always wandered why people bought them it takes like ten minutes to make them

well maybe 20 minutes
GregB 16.07.2008, 02:32
Down to do it, Hows it done?
ok91lx 16.07.2008, 02:55
Read the first link.. Pretty descriptive on the build and installation process.
orangeRcode 16.07.2008, 04:12
Rex made and welded in mine. Best ones ever. tup
63T-Bolt 29.07.2008, 06:26
Otis is da man!!!
95Venom 29.07.2008, 06:32
somebody make/weld in mine for free. i got a welder..and a lift.
mustangsoon 13.02.2009, 12:28
they are pretty simple to do, my uncle and I actually figured out some through floor sub fram connectors with kickers for roll bar.
Phillip 22.02.2009, 19:31
Looks easy enough. Also, if your worried about stress cracking where the plates connect, you could fish plate them instead of running a straight edge.
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