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got a few questions..

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foxman92 12.02.2013, 12:01
ok. ive got a little bit under the hood under my car, all fuel injection and lately ive been thinking that my car would perform better if i swapd it to carb... setup, so i want to know if it would be worth the swap, or not.. how does everyones cars do? i might just need a tune, but dont got the money for it right now.. idk.. help
hyghspeedpony302 12.02.2013, 12:18
go ahead and do it.....i got all the stuff u need
foxman92 12.02.2013, 12:21
anyoneand you must want all the stuff under my hood?
hyghspeedpony302 12.02.2013, 12:25
nope not all
Mr. Ranchero 12.02.2013, 12:30
Probably depends on what you are trying to do.

Expect less gas mileage with carb. I don't know if that is a consideration for you.

Some whine that you can't use carb for a daily driver. They are wrong.
foxman92 12.02.2013, 12:32
yes this much i know, i want more power, dont drive it enough to cry about gas. but still want a street car, not a 1/4 car..
green5.0mustang 12.02.2013, 12:45
ive been going through the same delima, it seems like the only injection cars that run good are force feed ( turbo, supercharger, etc ) thats just what ive seen anyone
foxman92 12.02.2013, 12:48
my car runs good, but i feel it should run better for what ive got in it.. like i said i probably needs tuned, but idk.. its something simple keeping it from being all balls, not half ass..
mowerman82 12.02.2013, 13:03
what is done do it. if you have the stuff to switch it over just do it and you can always change it back. i will never change mine to carb just because i like that people that that it is
foxman92 12.02.2013, 13:06
ive got tfs 1 cam, TF intake, fuel press.. reg. 75mm mass air, 70mm throttle body, CAI, full exhaust, and little stuff.. i think my distributor, is most of the problem.. nfs
stangfather 12.02.2013, 13:43
are you wanting just more power or what?

i personally will trade a few HP for a car that runs and starts when i want it to..

unless its a track whore i wouldn't, as much as i do enjoy a carb sometimes, i love me some EFI
bone5.0 12.02.2013, 13:45
More power just go with a set of heads?
stangfather 12.02.2013, 13:52
yeah get the rest of your engine parts you need and then rethink it..your not going to see much with a carb swap right now
po-po 5.0 12.02.2013, 23:14
Not worth. It your car isn't going to magically run 11s just because you switch induction systems. You're limited by your heads. However, a couple hundred spent on a tune could net you improved driveability as well as some more power. There's likely nothing wrong with your distributor.
foxman92 13.02.2013, 00:45
ive got a lil ignition problem? not sure exactly what it is, but ive replaced every thing except the distributor, like around 2******0 my car is missing, it sounds just like the traction control on the newer cars.. like somethings cutting out half the spark??? help??
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