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SATA DVD-RW Drive $19 Shipped!

Shocker_GT 16.05.2008, 11:45
Supplies are limited!

The Lite-ON SHD-16S1S 16X internal DVD-ROM drive is the perfect addition to any desktop computer. Featuring high speed DVD reading speeds and the convenience of SATA (Serial ATA) connectivity, simply plug the drive in and go! Great as a primary or secondary SATA DVD drive. Specifications:

Model: Lite-On 16X Internal DVD Drive - SATA - SHD-16S1S
Item No: C1246
General Features:
• Serial ATA Interface (SATA)• Black Color• 120ms Access Time
• 256KB Cache Buffer
• 5.25" Form Factor
• Internal DVD-ROM drive
Read / Write Speeds:
• DVD-ROM Read Speed: 16x
• CD-ROM Read Speed: 48x
Advanced Features:
• SMART-X Smart Read-speed Technology
• ABS (Auto Balance System) vibration & noise reduction
• Plug & Play with emergency manual eject
• Belt Tray Loading Mechanism
baron 16.05.2008, 12:00
black or white?
Shocker_GT 16.05.2008, 12:34
Shocker_GT 21.05.2008, 23:07
Just an update, these are still available!
oakcitycustoms 25.05.2008, 18:18
Is this new? If so I'd like to pick up at least one.
Shocker_GT 25.05.2008, 18:30
Is this new? If so I'd like to pick up at least one.

Yes they are brand new! If you would like one PM me for payment info.
Shocker_GT 26.05.2008, 03:45
Just spoke with my distributor and they made a mistake in their title...There are DVD-ROM drives. They will NOT burn DVDs or CDs. Sorry for the confusion.
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