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Ebman, DH April '08 Feature Car

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itltrot 01.04.2008, 14:34
• Member Name:Ebman

• Real Name:Jeff

• Description of your car: 2007 Shelby GT, 5 speed, black w/silver stripes
Production number 1342 of a possible 5,632; 3,373 were black/silver and of those, 2,865 of the black ones were manual transmissions.

• Location: Oklahoma City

• Occupation: Dispatcher

• What is your main use for the car now: Daily driver (yes you read that

• What would you LIKE to use the car for in the future: I would love to keep her
a daily driver, but I know it would be best to keep the mileage down.

• How did you get into cars: My grandfather and my dad

• Who or What motivates you to keep improving your car: Myself. I love
challenges. Building something with my hands or building something people say you can not do and pulling it off is always an awesome feeling.

• Mods: i.e. a list of aftermarket engine / suspension / interior / exterior
/ wheels / tires parts that you or the previous owner added: The Shelby is
bone stock at this time. It does have a cold air intake, computer reprogram,
x pipe, and high flow exhaust, Hurst short throw shifter, lowered suspension,
stiffer sway bars, and a few odds and ends.

• ET times, Dyno Numbers, Awards, Recognition, Race class: I have not raced
the car yet, but I plan to use it as it was built to do.

• Future plans with this car or with another one: I will end up tinting the
windows and next year I plan to drive it to Las Vegas so that Carrol Shelby's shop
can install the supercharger on it.

• Your thanks: I would like to thank my wife the most of all because she did not even
blink an eye when I told her I wanted to buy the car.
itltrot 01.04.2008, 14:37
cyclical 01.04.2008, 16:45
I likes
itltrot 02.04.2008, 01:39
Congrats! Great pics!
pacettr 02.04.2008, 01:52
In before Aleks!!!


Very nice photos and awesome car. You should be proud...tup
OKMach1 02.04.2008, 02:47
Nice ride. Congrats.
crakkedoutranger 02.04.2008, 03:12
High Five!!!
95Venom 02.04.2008, 04:15
sweet car man!
BlackBullitt01 02.04.2008, 04:22
i love your car man
MikeNack 02.04.2008, 04:29
Lookin good!!!!
Michelle 02.04.2008, 05:25
Gorgeous! Congratulations!
blown5.0 02.04.2008, 05:35
good job jeff!when you going to let me!wink2
Enigma 02.04.2008, 06:28
I'd pimp it.

Congrats on the featured ride of the month.
Mr. Happy 02.04.2008, 11:00
congrats...nice ride!!! :D
ebman 02.04.2008, 14:01
hell of a way to welcome someone to the site guys. once again thanks for the warm welcome. its definatly a fun car to drive!
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