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removing egr 95 gt

Zac 29.09.2006, 19:00
what all is envolved with this will it throw the comp for a loop or just a light its already diconnected with the exceptions of the wires and vac lines can i just make a block off and be done with it??thanks
tt550cid 30.09.2006, 22:11
The EGR control and all of the modifiers for it in the control program can, and should be deleted out by a competent tuner. The deletion will also cause your chamber temps to rise, and that also, will necessitate proper custom tuning.

HBuck72 02.10.2006, 19:14
I am with Jim. :D
Zac 22.10.2006, 17:49
who would you guys recommend??
grant007 23.10.2006, 00:18
worth a shot?
tt550cid 23.10.2006, 14:38
worth a shot?

I still see cars with these resistors cause running problems and check engine lights. The EEC4 system still looks for movement under certain conditions, and a fixed resistor has it's limits with it. When I was testing all this about 15 years ago, it burst my bubble, and that's when I went on to write software for Fords.

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