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how to replace fuel filter on a 4.6

twisted03 04.12.2007, 02:51
Time: 1 hour with a break after removal

Supplies and Tools:
5/16 Fuel Line Removal Tool - Different brands are available. Check this one: ....
you can find the tool at autozone, orielys,advanced auto parts also
Flathead Screwdriver
Fuel Filter of your choice
your car may or may not have a supercharger on it but the relief valve should be in the same area.
also always call a part store to double check your fuel line size for your specific car to assure you buy the correct size tool

1. Disconnect Negative battery terminal

2. Find the fitting on the passenger side fuel rail.

3. Remove the black cap and depress pin with a phillips screw drive. You may want to cover with a rag. Depending on how long the car has been sitting will effect the amount of pressure in the fuel rail.

3. Jack up the rear of the car and place on jack-stands.

4. Slide underneath the car and find the filter. Best way to describe is between the gas tank and IRS.

5. You will see 2 metal clips. One on each side of the filter. Pull those off.

6. Clip your 5/16 tool of the lines on the fuel filter. Once it is on hard fuel filter line, pull it into the main fuel line until you hear a click.

7. Pull the tool into the main fuel line. You may need to push the filter with your knuckle for leverage. May need to work the tool up and down. Be patient, the line will come off. Note that the fuel line ends are spring loaded. The tool pushes the spring over the flare.

8. Do the same on the other side.

9. Once both lines are off, unscrew the clamp and slide it off the filter on the dirvers side.

10. Once the clamp is off, pull the filter up to remove from bracket.

11. Place the new filter in the bracket. Be sure the FLOW arrow on the filter is pointing to the drivers side of the car.

12. Slide the metal clamp on the filter and bracket and tighten down.

13. Install fuel line onto the filter until you hear a click. lines will be seated on the filter then.

14. Install metal clips back onto line and filter.

15. Remove car from stands.

16. Before actually starting the car. Turn the Key to run and off a couple of times, listening for the pump to charge the line. The first time, the pump is going to sound a little louder than normal. It should sound normal by the third time.

17. Start car and let run. If you have a leak, you will know immediately.

18. Do a blow test on the filter and see how much crap was in the filter.

hope this helps a little bit. you might want to call an atou parts store to make sure your fuel line is 5/16 for your 98 gt.
er22bball0302 04.12.2007, 19:05
this on a solid axle car?
twisted03 05.12.2007, 01:28
this on a solid axle car?

doesnt matter. fuel filter is basicaly in the same place and is connected the same way.
beabout 05.12.2007, 02:07
Nice write up. In same place solid or IRS. IRS makes it just a tad harder to work on.
Ezekial 05.12.2007, 02:23
nice writeup

for me the directions are easier

1. Get under rear of car
2. slide on fuel line release tool
3. remove fuel line.
4. repeat #3, opposite side
5. Remove band clamp & replace filter cool
6. finish beer

15 minutes :)
Sncbluegt 05.12.2007, 17:38
Nice write up. In same place solid or IRS. IRS makes it just a tad harder to work on.

A tad thats an understatement :)
RAZRS EDGE 05.12.2007, 21:22
I had forgotten about this write up. Good find! Guess I could have been a little nicer to the poor guy :(

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