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How to replace a heater core

ocbaud 09.10.2012, 15:26
First of all, forgive me for leaving many things out in this how to. this was done almost exactly a year ago and i dont even own the car anymore. I had been wanting to post a write up on this so i finally did. if you have any questions, just ask. if i remember i'll answer and get it added to the first post.
this was on a 2001 mustang gt. so it should be about the same for most other 94-04's

Disconnect the battery terminals

remove the shifter trim and center console

remove the radio and hvac controls

remove the plastic/metal panel under the steering wheel

remove the glovebox and pull back the carpeting

these 2 golden screws/washers hold the dash to the body, remove them. there are another 2 on the other side.

hmm.... something is dripping on the drivers side

looks like its coming from the little vent thing

i dont know why i have this picture included, but i do?

there are 2 nuts holding the steering column up. you must remove those.

remove defrost cowl. there are 3 crews holding dash on under it(gold) remove those

the steering column should not fall freely.if you can remove the steering wheel, go ahead and do that, it would make things much easier.

make sure to disconnect all the connectors from the wiring to steering wheel

with all bolts removed, the dash should move freely.

there are many electrical and vacuum connections behind the dash, make sure you do not break anything

make sure you disconnect the heater hoses(and a/c hoses)

oh shizzle, its the heater box! ther are some bolts holding it in place

this is the bad heatercore

this is the removed heaterbox. the wet foam will need to be replaced as it is useless and stinky

here is behind the dash with the heaterbox removed

a picture of the stock clutch quadrant, i dunno why i took it

new heatercore installed.

another view of heaterbox with new core and replaced foam
orangeRcode 09.10.2012, 23:03
Good write-up Eric.

This has to be one of the most dreaded Mustang repairs I know of.
Tyler 10.10.2012, 03:32
Good right-up Eric.

This has to be one of the most dreaded Mustang repairs I know of.

yeah good write-up Eric. i have to pull my dash to do the black int swap and i am not looking forward to it.
95formulalt1 10.10.2012, 08:33
I had to do it in my firebird. Not close to this difficult...
policeman50 12.10.2012, 00:51
i did one in a 95 s10..... it was a biatch!!!!!!!!!
needless to say that you had to do the same things to it that you do to this mustang but there are about 100X more screws
jst4fun 12.10.2012, 10:12
SHIT~!! I have to do mine in the 94 (went out last X Mas) SHIT SHIT SHIT!!! Anyone wanna do it??? anyone
midnightracer72 12.04.2014, 03:00
You forgot to mention all the fowl language that seems necessary for this repair.
gingerbredman00 04.01.2019, 10:52
Pics are broken.. :-(
EskimoJosh 04.01.2019, 12:35

Originally Posted by gingerbredman00:

Pics are broken.. :-(

Thats because the thread is seven years old.....
92BlackGT 04.01.2019, 12:45
it's alive! IT'S ALIVE!!!
DEEZ-67 04.01.2019, 23:43
gingerbredman00 05.01.2019, 20:55
I'll be doing this tonight.
So I may just take some pictures to update this, or create a new thread?
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