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TRADE V6 no cats dual exhaust setup For A working V6 single exhaust setup.

EdmondClimber 03.09.2012, 10:12
I'm trying to make my V6 Stock

I am willing to do an even trade; "V6 No cat dual exhaust setup with ford racing Mufflers" FOR "a 99-04 Single Exhaust set up the cats must still be in working order"

I will install with some help at my house
EdmondClimber 04.09.2012, 07:36
Phoenix 04.09.2012, 07:38
damn, that is a really good deal for someone with a 6er. I don't know anyone off hand, but I will gladly pass it on if given the opportunity
orangeRcode 04.09.2012, 08:00
There should be a 6er that would take you up on this offer. You have a PM.
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