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Jester84 05.09.2006, 23:35 I got the car idles fine...there is loud exhaust or intake popping sound coming from under the intake. All vaccuum lines are sealed or in use. The gasket is lined up. Here is my question... Look at this pic.. its right above cyl. is the hole for and should it be there..if so.. should it be open or sealed?
mustang2003 06.09.2006, 01:42
That hole should not be there, you need a new lower intake..or try to seal it
1ugly85 06.09.2006, 01:48
isnt this the egr passage that normally would go through the intake and to the egr? what the hell is it doing so high up?
mustang2003 06.09.2006, 01:55
That is a GT40 lower intake, there should not be a hole there, but maybe a bolt, here is a pick to dark to go outside and take a pic of ....
Jester84 06.09.2006, 04:04
Well the thing is...that is not really on the intake lol..its on the head I believe? I guess I could RTV it ?? nothing is coming out of it or anything.
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