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69fastback, DH's June '07 Feature Car

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itltrot 01.06.2007, 01:16
Welcome back to the Mustang world after a horrible crash that totaled his white 69 Fastback, Craig! Congrats on being selected June's Featured Car.

• Member Name: 69fastback

• Real Name: Craig

• Description of your car: 1969 Mustang Mach 1 (clone)

• Location: Ada OK

• Occupation/School: Pilot

• What is your main use for the car now: Weekend cruiser

• What would you LIKE to use the car for in the future: I just want to
cruise around when the weather is good, and maybe attend a few shows.

• How did you get into cars: I've been into cars since I was about 10 when
I saw pictures of my dads 66 Mustang, and 68 GTO. Since then I knew that I
wanted to own an old muscle car.

• Who or What motivates you to keep improving your car: The random people
that stop me when I drive it to tell me what an awesome machine it is.

• Add a short story about anything to do with your participation in the
hobby or your car here: When I was in high school I got to drive a friends
69 Camaro, and I fell in love with the way it felt. I like the no power
steering, rigid feel of the way an old car drives, and I was hooked from
that point on. I bought my first 69 fastback 5 years ago, and lost it in a
rollover after swerving to avoid a deer. I searched for 3 years until I
found this car because the 69 fastbacks have ALWAYS been my favorite car. I think they have the perfect body lines and stance.

• Mods: i.e. a list of aftermarket engine / suspension / interior /
exterior / wheels / tires parts that you or the previous owner added: 351W,
Comp Cams camshaft, Weiand Stealth intake, Holley Street Avenger carb, MSD 6 AL w/ pro billet distributor, headers, Xpipe, Magnaflow mufflers, 4 speed toploader w/ 3.55s out back, Stainless steel front disc brakes w/ Shelby springs.

• ET times, Dyno Numbers, Awards, Recognition, Race class: I don't plan
on racing it. It's old and I just cruise it around :)

• Purchase: Approximate date. Is there a story behind the purchase? Was it
your "dream car"? I bought the car in February of this year from a guy in
Texas. As stated before, I owned another one that was lost in an accident,
and I loved the car so much, I had to have another. It takes a lot of time
and dedication to find a classic just like you're looking for, so I took my
time and waited until the right one came along. It's close to my dream
car. The only thing that would make it perfect was if it was a BOSS 429,
but I'm not that rich :)

• Future plans with this car or with another one: I plan to finish the
restoration. The car still needs several things to be complete, and I would
like to paint in an original color (undecided on which one). Other than
that, I just plan on driving it and having fun. I don't believe in owning
museum pieces. I drive my car several times a week, and that's what I plan
on doing until I'm unable to drive anymore. At that point, I plan on giving
it to my daughter.

• Your thanks: Thanks to my wife Carla for allowing me to buy my dream
car TWICE, and putting up with the money I spend on them. Without her, it
wouldn't be possible.
JesStang 01.06.2007, 16:23
Yay Craig!! We're all jealous of your beauty.
Jennifer 01.06.2007, 16:23
Man, oh man, that stang is niiiice. worship
SAVAGE 01.06.2007, 16:47
Congrats Craig - that Mustang is a great lookin thing of beauty worship
Old school baby roxor
orangeRcode 01.06.2007, 17:17
Very nice. Congrats Craig. What can I say? MACH's rule. roxor
94GTStang 01.06.2007, 17:27
Congrats Craig! Long time coming for ya! Looks awesome!
69fastback 01.06.2007, 18:28
Thanks everybody. I just got home from driving it for the first time in about three weeks. It seems like any time I've been home lately, it's been raning.
MaryMary 01.06.2007, 18:32
Sassinater 01.06.2007, 19:25
damn i didnt realize how clean that car is. nice
Ezekial 01.06.2007, 19:59
badass :)
Squeezed95GT 01.06.2007, 21:08
Good job on the new car. I like it. Congratulations.
baron 02.06.2007, 00:52
ugly89stang 02.06.2007, 04:05
congrats craig to you and the machwanabe
Mr. Happy 02.06.2007, 04:09
very nice craig :D
baron 02.06.2007, 04:34
is that your own personal shop? or a hangar?
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