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Installing Tail Light Sequencer

cyclical 11.04.2012, 13:17
How To by 94GTStang...
(I don't know why the image colors are messed up, will correct)

Sequential Tail Light Install
For 1******4 Mustang
Sequencer from

Time Required:
About one hour

Expected Materials/Tools needed:
11mm deep socket wrench
Wood awl (Punch)
Flat blade screwdriver
Wire stripper
Wire crimpers
Needle nose pliers
Electrical tape
Utility knife

Step 1:
Begin by removing the inner trunk liner. This is can be done by removing the two plastic screws with the attachment points for the trunk net.

Then remove the center trim around the latch. I used a flat blade screw driver to pop out the four plastic clips. It is recommended that you use the forked tool designed for removing these pieces. It can be found in the Help! section of any auto store.

Now carefully take out the inner lining. It is fragile and can crack in the middle if you are not careful. Next, remove the trim clips that hold the side panels to the top edge of the trunk. Gently pull the panel down over the bolts so it can swing out a little.
You should now see the taillight wiring and bolts. Unclip the wiring harness and then take the wrench and begin to unbolt the four nuts that hold the taillight assembly to the body. Have a towel ready on the bumper to lay the light assembly on once the light has been taken out.

To free the light completely, I used a blade screwdriver to gentle “pry” the grommet out of its hole on the body.

Once that is done, the light can be moved onto a workbench. Again, don’t forget a towel to place the light on! Now go and work on the other side.

Step 2:
Now it is time to start the actually modification of the wiring. Find the inboard light socket which is the socket right above the reverse light. Remove the light socket by twisting it out.

Take the blade screw driver and pry up the blue rubber dust cover.

Now take the wood awl or punch and put a hole through the dust cover on the empty side.

Get one of the new white wires from the kit and push the blade connector through the hole. Put the blade connector in the empty slot in the socket. Use the needle nose pliers to push it all the way in to ensure a good connection. This is an important step and if the connector is not all the way in, will cause the turn signal cycle to be fast.
Run the white wire along the wiring harness and use tape to secure it. Use the awl to make another hole in the grommet and feed the wire through. Now locate the connector that you unhooked earlier. Depending on which side you are working on, look for two wires that feed into one pin. For the passenger side, the wires are usually orange with a gray stripe and the driver side wires should be green with a black stripe. Cut the plastic wire loom back a few inches. Next, cut the two wires about an inch from where they connect to the pin. Take the wire strippers and strip the wires you just cut.

With the two wires closet to the connector, twist them together along with the new white wire. Take a blue spade connector and crimp it onto the three combined wires. Now use a red bullet connector for each of the two wires which run to the socket. Once these are securely connected, begin working on the other side

Step 3:
Now it is time to reinstall the taillight assemblies back onto the car.

Pull the connector through and reinstall the grommet. Put the nuts back onto the taillight bolts, but do not over tighten them.
Use a supplied T-tap connector and squeeze it onto the black ground wire of the harness. Now plug the black wire on the module onto the T-tap connector

The remaining connectors get plugged into their respective connectors. Don’t forget to plug the harness from the taillight assembly back into the connector on the body! Do this for both sides.

Step 4:
Turn the key to the “on” position and turn on the turn signals. The taillight should flash from the inboard light to the middle and then to outboard light. If they flash in the order of inboard-outboard-middle, switch the two wires (blue and green) with the bullet connectors around from the module.

Now check the emergency flashers and watch for the correct sequence. If the inboard light does not light up, pull the taillight assembly back out because the white wire with the blade connector is not pushed in all the way. If the connector is not pushed in far enough, a fast turn signal cycle will also be seen.

Once everything is working, tighten the nuts on the taillight assemblies (don’t over tighten) and secure the module with the supplied zip ties.


This modification explains how I chose to approach a modification I wanted to make to my personal car. I am not suggesting that anyone else make this modification to his or her vehicle. In the event anyone chooses to accept the responsibility of initiating a similar vehicle modification, they should do so with the understanding it could result in undesired damage to their vehicle and could void the warrantee provided by the vehicle manufacturer. In addition, I wish to point out that undertaking any vehicle modification without proper knowledge, experience, tools, and safety equipment can result in personal injury.
jonny37 28.10.2012, 16:32
The only bad thing about this is people behind you always think your switching lanes. Still its cool
uncltodd 04.11.2012, 02:47
I love mine on my '05, but I cheated and bought the spendy plug-and-play version. Took two of us an hour and a 12-pack, working cautiously and buying 2 special tools.

I could do it again in 30 minutes, by myself, with no special tools.

Jorge's install saved about $60 from my install, worth it if you have the skills and patience!

Cool light show when you hit the 4-ways, also.
FOXBODYFORD 27.03.2013, 03:00
with this done do your brake lights flash too, or just when you hit the blinkers/hazzards?
94GTStang 05.04.2013, 04:46
Nope. They come on sequentially when you hit the brakes
FOXBODYFORD 11.04.2013, 02:39
Nope. They come on sequentially when you hit the brakes

and stay on or flash?
94GTStang 22.04.2013, 14:04
and stay on or flash?

Nope. They stay on.
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