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88 Project coupe

Chances50 12.12.2011, 03:26
it comes with a edelbrock RPM intake, Holly carb shorty headers, O/R x pipe dumped flows, 3 radiators, Stock T5 tranny, King cobra clutch, 2 distributors one for a carb and the other for EFI, also have a stock EFI intake, tb (not in the pics), MAF, Injectors, drive shaft.

the motor and tranny are in the car it just needs the exhaust, front accesories and drive shaft installed.

the motor has around 25,000 miles on it, it has 351 DO0e heads roller rockers and an F-303 cam, with 10.1 to 1 compression, this motor made 250rwhp and 306rwtq on a dynojet with a stock 5.0 intake and TB.

the things it needs that I dont have,

Fan, fan shroud, battery, alternator, and that is about it, the interior is in good shape the driver side fender is messed up and the door also has some minor damage but not bad.

im getting married so I cant afford two project cars, so this one has to go.

asking $1200obo

MADHATTER 16.12.2011, 10:34
PM sent
1poorracer 16.12.2011, 11:31
pm when you know
Chances50 20.12.2011, 05:16
Chances50 26.12.2011, 02:59
OWMach1 26.12.2011, 02:59
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